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International buying- End to end

This is complete International buying suite we offer to global business. We provide end to end services such as identifying your world class global suppliers, Manufacturer factory visit & Audit, customization and branding of your dream product, arranging samples, price negotiations, customs, international logistics and door step delivery even we support warehousing and distribution in your local country.

Our Services

Quality assurance

As an experience global provider of quality and safety services for over years, we not only understands the struggles you endure, but also can identify the precise strategy and path you need to follow for total quality assurance throughout your entire supply chain. As your partner in the process, we are here to support you every step of the way at implementing the very best solution possible for your company and end consumer.

We support QA for all categories and products. Share exhaustive and detailed QA-Quality assurance report at the end of our stringent validation check and audit.

This service can be separately offered also comes as a part of International buying- End to end


Our Services

Lab Testing

In a world where time-to-market is critical for success, business must also strive to maintain the quality and safety of their products. In this challenging environment, consumer products testing is essential but often neglected due to limited expertise, time and money.

Product lab testing is relevant at all stages of the manufacturing process, from the approved samples through to the production sample and finished goods.

Product lab testing for goods manufactured in Asia is mainly performed in Pune/Mumbai, India. You can also benefit from other facilities in our network in Australia, USA and Belgium for other specific needs. We understand your values.

Our team of trained experts help you to achieve product compliance in various consumer products. Through our online global platform, you can access real-time results on how your products and suppliers are performing. We perform country specific, product specific testing from world recognised labs as required by customs of destination country.

This service can be separately offered also comes as a part of International buying- End to end.

Duration- ~ 1 week

Our Services

Product Inspection

  1. Pulling random samples for inspection.
  2. Checking the product against detailed specifications.
  3. Verifying packaging requirements.
  4. Verifying labelling requirements.
  5. Classifying and reporting quality.
  6. Conducting on-site testing.
  7. We protect against fraud
  8. Finally, we submit detailed product inspection report for approval.

This service can be separately offered also comes as a part of International buying- End to end.

Duration- ~ 1 week


Benefits of a Manufacturing Audit

  • Verifies that your supplier’s manufacturing facilities are suitable and capable to produce your product
  • Ensures alignment of your company’s sourcing policies and your supplier’s policies
  • Identifies and mitigates potential quality, operational, and ethical risks
  • Evaluates the competence of factory management

This service can be separately offered also comes as a part of International buying- End to end.

Duration- ~ 2 weeks

Our Services

Manufacturer visit and Audit

Few customers choose to plan a factory visit in person once the supplier has been shortlisted with information/report provided and samples approved. We help from booking travel, accommodation and booking Manufacturer visit.

Furthermore, We Shopywise also acts as customer representative in many instances and visit Manufacturer factory outlets and walkthrough complete premise and process including live video call with Manufacturer and any additional steps as required by customer.

Post Manufacturer visit and Audit, we publish very detailed Audit report.

You might plan your visit among other sourcing activities as follows:

  1. Qualify a potential supplier
  2. Request quotations
  3. Place purchase order
  4. Ask for Factory samples
  5. Visit factory and review sample on site

Reviewing a product sample on site often speeds up a process that can otherwise take days or weeks. During a manufacturing factory audit, the auditors determine if a supplier is capable of: producing a product that meets your company’s specifications, addressing costly disruptions, and preventing (further) costly disruptions once production is launched.

Our Services

Identify Manufacturer

Supplier selection is one of the most critical and important step in global sourcing process.

In this, we help in identifying firms, evaluate, and create contract with suppliers.

Supplier selection process is to reduce purchase risk, maximize overall value to the purchaser, and develop closeness and long-term relationships between buyers and suppliers.

We identify supplier with our detailed selection checklist, stringent validation process including verifying GST Tax certificate, KYC details, in person factory visits and audits.

This service can be separately offered and also comes as a part of International buying- End to end.

Duration- ~ 2 weeks


Our Services

Customisation and Branding

Product customization will position your brand and create it forever.

Customized products certainly aren’t new to the market, but they are adding an extra perk as more and more companies are including customizable features in their products. You can even customize your vitamins, and it’s the principle reason we all love it and it’s working. Your product need to be up to standard before going to market.

“We’re reaching a level where personalization is not only a perk for those consumers who are keenly aware of their wants it and needs, there are instances where problems outside of not finding exactly what they want are being solved.”

We provide wide range of customization, packaging and branding of your unique products as per your need meeting all due diligence and compliances.

This service can be separately offered and also comes as a part of International buying- End to end.

Duration- ~ 1-2 week depends upon customization work

Our Services

Arranging sample

Arranging product sample is test out an item before purchasing, many suppliers allow to order samples for bulk order. Above everything else, you’d like to see, smell and feel the actual product before spending money on it, and on a larger scale at that. Requesting for a sample is not only practical, it’s also a smart way of experiencing the product first-hand.

Ordering samples also helps you verify a supplier’s competence. You can get a good idea of how they will be to work with in terms of the manner in which they communicate, how fast they process and ship out orders, and how well they package their products among other things.

Securing samples is a good way of putting suppliers to task. Think of it as a test that will help you narrow down your choices.

Ordering samples is important because it helps establish your relationship with suppliers. You have to keep in mind that many suppliers deal with hundreds of requests on a daily basis and not all of these requests lead to actual orders.

Ordering samples gives suppliers the impression that you are serious about building a long[1]term relationship and that you are seriously interested in dealing with them.

We help to arrange sample door step delivery of your selected supplier so that you can feel and test your product before bulk buy.

This service can be separately offered and also comes as a part of International buying- End to end.

Duration- ~ 1 week


Our Services

Shipping- Air, Sea, Road

Shopywise Global sourcing provide shipping via AIr, Sea and Road as per your need.

All shipping services provides –

  • Real-time International quick payments.
  • Super Cheap shipping anywhere in the world. We beat the price!
  • We support Air as well as Sea (LCL, FCL) logistics.
  • Door step pick and delivery.
  • We manage all custom clearance for your products.

Air Shipment - We also provide Air Couriers as well as Air Cargo depends upon size and delivery time of shipment. Contact us with no obligation free quotation.

Duration- ~ 1 week for Air and 4-5 weeks for sea delivery.

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