Barley Grass powder

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Barley Grass powder

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Barley grass powder
There is no disease that is all the nutrients like chlorophyll, hemin, etc., from Jawar. These two elements, which are known as natural molecules, are also known as natural molecules.


  1. Purifies the blood.
  2. Eliminates blood deficiency.
  3. Very useful in blood pressure.
  4. Asthma, permanent cold.
  5. Ulcers in the stomach.
  6. Diseases of the skin.
  7. Kidney Diseases
  8. Sex-related diseases.
  9. Premature ejaculation, thyroid.

Methods of use:

  1. Can be taken with water or with green juice.
  2. Can be taken with any food such as Dal, Vegetable and Bread.

20 grams can be taken daily

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