AI Red Chili Powder

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AI Red Chili Powder

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Chili has been the most fundamental
ingredients of cooking that enhances
taste, gives a beautiful color, flavor
and an aroma to your food. So get
this pure red chili powder made from
natural red chilies. It has a peppy taste
that surely will amaze your taste buds.
Add this lal mirch powder in a wide
range of culinary dishes like curries,
sauces, pickles, chutneys and pastes.
With a daily pinch of this red chili
powder in your routine dishes you
savour great taste as well as health
and wellness. The red chili spice is rich
in vitamin C and A. It contains
capsaicin that boosts up your
metabolism and even helps in losing
weight. This lal mirch powder has no
added sugar, filler, artificial colour or
preservatives. So get this Now and
add peppiness to your food.

Packing Details - 25kg bag or
50kg Plastic gunny Bag or
PP bag


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Product NameAI Red Chili Powder
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