AI Cumin Powder

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AI Cumin Powder

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Cumin is a spice made from the dried
seed of a plant known as Cuminum
cyminum, which is a member of the
parsley family. Cumin is one of the
most popular spices and is commonly
used in Latin American, Middle
Eastern, North African, and Indian
cuisines, among many others. It is
available both as whole seeds as well
as in ground form.
Our Cumin seeds are harvested by
hand from an annual plant; they are
small, boat-shaped, and resemble
caraway seeds. Our Ground Cumin is
made by grinding those dry roasted
cumin seeds. It can be added at any
time to a recipe as its flavor doesn't
need heat or time to be released, as is
the case with the seeds.

Packing Details - 25kg bag or
50kg Plastic gunny Bag or
PP bag

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